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Anthony Brindisi: Empty Rhetoric. Broken Promises

Anthony Brindisi promised voters he would be a bipartisan voice for Upstate New York. But since entering office Brindisi is anything but bipartisan, voting only 8.8% of the time with President Trump and 90% with Nancy Pelosi. Anthony Brindisi already voted for Joe Biden to be Speaker of the House.

Now, Brindisi wants Joe Biden in the White House to undo everything President Trump has accomplished and that means higher taxes, Medicarefor All, free health care for illegals, and infanticide.

Brindisi-Biden 2020: Wrong for Upstate New York, Wrong for America.

Biden-Brindisi: Wrong on the Issues.

Higher Taxes
Socialized Healthcare
Green New Deal
2nd Amendment

China’s history of stealing hundreds of billions of dollars from US companies, spying, and ultimately being responsible for COVID-19 is lost on no one.

But Anthony Brindisi’s candidate for President has a record that’s questionable at best when it comes to taking on China.

Joe Biden as Vice-President was a leader in promoting China saying, “It’s in our self-interest for China to continue to prosper." The Biden campaign has time and time again been caught using Chinese propaganda spin when it comes to battling COVID-19.

In addition to the Ukraine, we now know Hunter Biden benefited directly from his father’s relationship with the Chinese government during his time as Vice President.

We need a Representative who will stand up to China and be a leader on this issue, not support a President and administration that will enable China.

Anthony Brindisi and Joe Biden have made it clear they support higher taxes on Upstate New York.

Joe Biden: “First thing I’d do is repeal those tax cuts.”


Not only did Anthony Brindisi support multiple tax increases on families and small businesses in Albany, he said he didn’t support President Trump’s tax cuts.

Biden’s initial plans are for $4trillion in higher taxes.


Brindisi and Biden are shameless, particularly when it comes to impeachment.

Anthony Brindisi told Upstate New Yorkers he did NOT support impeaching President Trump and then proceeded to vote 3 TIMES for his impeachment.

Despite his son being in the center of the scandal surrounding Ukraine, Joe Biden had the nerve to call for President Trump’s impeachment.

Anthony Brindisi said he was open to a Medicare-for-All healthcare system. Such a system could cost as much as $32 trillion and could end private employer-based health insurance for nearly 150 million people, putting us on a path towards socialism.

Brindisi already voted twice for a single-payer health care system in New York estimated to cost $226 billion and resulting in a loss of 175,000 jobs.

Despite claiming he opposes Medicare-for-All, Joe Biden is already caving to Bernie Sanders and his socialist policies by proposing major expansions of Medicare, which socialists are already saying don’t go far enough. It’s only a matter of time as Biden continues his leftward lurch to appease Bernie Sanders and the AOC squad.



Anthony Brindisi and Joe Biden are major proponents of open borders.

Brindisi’s support of Medicare-for-All would also mean free health care for illegal immigrants.

Brindisi is supported by a radical group that wants to abolish ICE, the law enforcement agency that enforces our immigration laws. This could lead to more drugs, more sex trafficking, and more violent illegal immigrants on our streets.

Brindisi voted for New York’s DREAM Act giving undocumented students to financial aid, blocked funding for President Trump’s border wall, and voted for amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Joe Biden made it clear he also supports free health care for illegal immigrants.



Anthony Brindisi and Joe Biden are major proponents of a Green New Deal, costing trillions of dollars and untold numbers of American jobs.

Anthony Brindisi voted for New York’s Green New Deal three times.

Joe Biden has also embraced his own Green New Deal estimated to cost nearly $2 trillion.



And, who can forget what Brindisi’s presidential choice told coal miners last year. Watch here.

If Anthony Brindisi's pick for president, Joe Biden, has his way Upstate New York will see gun bans and more limits on our right to bear arms.

That seems to be OK with Brindisi.


As an Assembly member, Anthony Brindisi received a "D" rating with the NRA after seeking tighter restrictions on gun owners despite New York's passage of the "toughest gun control law in the United States." In Congress, Brindisi has called on the U.S. Senate to enact tougher gun laws throughout the country.

And, Biden?

For some reason the words "gun" and "ban" continue to come out of his mouth at the same time when on the stump.


When it comes to protecting our 2nd Amendment rights, Biden and Brindisi are just too extreme.

Anthony Brindisi’s short time in Washington has pushed him far to the left. Being for abortion on demand wasn’t enough. Anthony Brindisi refuses to say that a child inside the womb is a human, and even voted against a motion protecting the lives of babies who survive an abortion.

Anthony Brindisi and Joe Biden will take America further left than ever with abortion.

Joe Biden has experienced his own evolution on abortion. Once a major proponent of the Hyde Amendment, Biden now seeks to repeal it and pushes for renewed federal funding for Planned Parenthood.


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